The Department of Liberal Studies is the heartbeat of Koforidua Technical University because of its servicing nature and one of the departments of the Faculty of Business and Management Studies. The department, a servicing one, has academic staff whose specialities transcend a single professional training as it provides multidisciplinary knowledge and skills. It has gained its place in the   University as a provider of a fair share of a broad spectrum of cognitive training that develops skills and knowledge of students. It also works in close relation with the Directorate of Language Center. The department services all other departments in the Koforidua Technical University by offering a number of interdisciplinary courses. These courses are Communication Skills, Business Communication, African Studies, Law, Economics, French, Research Methodology and Entrepreneurship. The Department of Liberal Studies has dedicated and distinguished teaching staff that help students to achieve their educational and career goals.


Our vision is to develop a viable, efficient and effective system of innovating training in research, language use, legal, economic, historical and contemporary issues while maintaining linkage with engineering sciences to stir up the growth and development of the University.


To spark off the effective cognitive development of our students to become all-round dynamic professionals, who are not limited in critical thinking and problem solving and fit into the ever-growing complex  global village

Goals of the department

The department aims at helping students acquire mastery in general studies and proficiency in the English language. Furthermore, it aims at equipping students with basic legal and socio-economic competencies which would enable them to operate efficiently as professionals and experts in their fields of endeavour.   Also, using an inter-disciplinary approach to find a solution to challenges that may confront them.

Staff Development

  • Ishmael Duah is pursuing a PhD English programme at the University of Cape Coast
  • Ferdinand Owusu Otibo is pursuing a PhD programme in Tourism Management at the University Of Cape Coast.
  • Paul Baah is pursuing a PhD programme
  • Kwasi Amoako-Ohene is pursuing a PhD programme in African Art at KNUST
  • Eugene Okere-Kwakye is pursuing a PhD programme in Malaysia
  • Prince Adjei is pursuing a PhD programme in Economics at University of Ghana, Legon.
  • Ebenezer Asinyor is pursuing a PhD programme in English at University of Ghana, Legon.

Collaborations and Linkages

The department is currently working on collaborations both locally and internationally to broaden its knowledge and linkages. Positive driven collaborations are a catalyst for societal growth and development of which the liberal studies department considers a necessity.


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