Programmes (Sec & Mgt. Dept)

Department of Secretaryship & Management Studies

  • Bachelor of Technology Secretaryship & Management Studies Course Structure (Top-up)
Course Title Semester 1
Document Processing
Managerial Economics
Business Law
Secretarial English
Business Communication
Information Technology
Principles of   Management
Course Title Semester 2
Management Information Systems
Corporate Law
Industrial Relations
Managing People
Public Administration
Financial Reporting And Analysis
Course Title Semester 3
Strategy In Practice
Corporate & Executive Secretarial Practice
Financial Decision Making
Corporate Governance
Enterpreneurship & Small Business Management
Research Methods
  • HND Secretaryship & Management Studies Course Structure
Course Title Semester 1
Typewriting I
Introduction to Economics
Communication Skills I
Computer Literacy
Introduction to Accounting I
Secretarial English I/French I
Shorthand I
African studies
Course Title Semester 2
Typewriting II
Communication skills II
Computer Application I
Introduction to Accounting II
Secretarial English II/French II
Shorthand II
Principles of Business Law
Principles of Management
Practical Office Training
Course Title Semester 3
Quantitative Methods
Typewriting III
Shorthand III
Business Communication I
Practical office Training II
Secretarial English III/French III
Cost /Management Accounting
Course Title Semester 4
Business Communication II
Office Management
Typewriting IV
Shorthand IV
Strategic Management
Secretarial English III/French IV
Research Methods
Industrial Attachment
Course Title Semester 5
Principles of Marketing
Secretarial Practice I
Entrepreneurship I
Organizational Behaviour I
Company and Partnership Law
Human Resource Management
Secretarial English V/French V
Course Title Semester 6
Industrial Relations
Management Information System
Secretarial Practice II
Entrepreneurship II
Project Work
Organizational Behaviour II
Introduction to Business Finance
Human-Resource Development
Secretarial English VI/French VI