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Head of Department (HoD)


The department started in the year 1997 with three people.  Initially, it was one department merged together with marketing.  The department has been known as purchasing and Supply for many years until it was changed in 2016 to Procurement and Supply Science.  The new name was chosen to reflect the new curriculum being run by the department.

Currently, the department has over 1400 students and it is the largest at Koforidua Technical University.


  1. To train professionals and individuals in the area of procurement and supply chain management.
  2. To provide professional qualifications for individuals and corporate entities in the area of procurement and supply chain management.
  3. Be able to run diploma, degree, master’s and PhD programmes in the area of procurement and supply chain management in the shortest period in the future.
  4. To train individuals and students who will incorporate procurement and supply chain principles and concepts into their working environment.
  5. To train individuals and students to recognize the potential of going beyond the historical view of the supply chain as a cost centre to its emerging role as a strategic enabler of increasing sales and margins.
  6. To help individuals and students to undertake action research in the area of procurement and supply chain.


  1. Research conferences for B-tech and HND students.
  2. Inviting industrial practitioners to meet lecturers and students of the department.
  3. Organizing industrial trips for students.
  4. The education branch of UCC organizes a seminar for lecturers on teaching methodology.
  5. Meeting entrepreneurs and sole proprietors in the community for a one-day procurement workshop.
  6. Visiting secondary schools within the municipality to brief them about the relevance of the department and its programmes.


  1. Currently, the department has the largest number of students at both the HND and B’tech level.
  2. In the 2017 admissions, the department was able to exceed the target for admission. For instance our of 250 students targets for HND, the department was able to admit almost 600 students and also out of  150 students for B’tech, the department was able to admit over 250 students, even though many of them are yet to register.
  3. The department was the first in the institution to run a degree programme in 2011/2012.
  4. The first-ever associate professor of the institution is a staff of the department.
  5. The department successfully organised a quiz competition between itself and Sunyani Technical University in the 2016/17 second semester academic year.
  6. The department also successfully organised a research durbar involving all lecturers in the 2016/17 academic year national Passage quiz competition.
  7. The department is currently the only one at Koforidua Technical University with a quiz and debate club.
  8. The department was also first in the “JAMA” competition organised by the faculty of Business and Management Studies during its week celebration in 2016/17 academic year.
  9. Until the year 2017, the department has always been first in the National PASSAG Quiz competition organised by PPA for the past three years.
  10. The department was first in the quiz competition organised by the faculty of FBMS during its week celebration in the 2016/17 academic year.

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