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Higher National Diploma Sec & Mgt. (HND)

Structure of the Programme (Semester-by-semester schedule/structure, of course, showing the credit value of each course). These are presented in the tables below

First Year, First Semester
Code Title Credits
SMS111 Typewriting 3.0
SMS112 Economics I 3.0
SMS113 Communication Skills I 2.0
SMS114 Computer Literacy I 3.0
SMS115 Introduction to Accounting I 2.0
SMS116 Secretarial English/French I 2.0
SMS117 Shorthand I 3.0
SMS118 African Studies I 2.0
Totals 20.0


First Year, Second Semester
Code Title Credits
INA102 Industrial Attachment 2.0
SMS105 Computer Application I 2.0
SMS106 Secretarial English II 2.0
SMS121 Introduction to Accounting II 2.0
SMS122 Principles of Management 3.0
SMS123 Typewriting II 3.0
SMS125 Communication Skills II 2.0
SMS127 Shorthand II 3.0
SMS128 Principles of Business Law 3.0
SMS129 Practical Office Training I 2.0
Totals 24.0


Second Year, First Semester
Code Title Credits
SMS211 Quantitative Methods 3.0
SMS212 Typewriting III 3.0
SMS213 Shorthand III 6.0
SMS214 Business Communication I 2.0
SMS216 Secretarial English/French III 2.0
SMS217 Practical Office Training 2.0
SMS218 Cost/Management Accounting 3.0
SMS225 Computer Application II 2.0
Totals 23.0


Second Year, Second Semester
Code Title Credits
INA202 Industrial Attachment 2.0
SMS219 Research Methodology 3.0
SMS221 Business Communication II 3.0
SMS222 Office Management 3.0
SMS223 Typewriting IV 3.0
SMS224 Shorthand IV 3.0
SMS226 Secretarial English/french IV 2.0
SMS227 Strategic Management 2.0
Totals 21.0


Third Year, First Semester
Code Title Credits
SMS311 Principles of Marketing 3.0
SMS312 Secretarial Practice 3.0
SMS313 Entrepreneurship I 3.0
SMS315 Company and Partnership Law 3.0
SMS316 Secretarial English 2.0
SMS317 Human Resource Management 3.0
SMS318 Organizational Behaviour 3.0
Totals 20.0


Third Year, Second Semester
Code Title Credits
SMS321 Industrial Relations 0.0
SMS322 Management Information System 0.0
SMS323 Secretarial Practice II 0.0
SMS324 Entrepreneurship II 0.0
SMS325 Project Work 0.0
SMS326 Secretarial English 0.0
SMS327 Business Finance 0.0
SMS328 Human Resource Management 0.0
SMS329 Organisational Behaviour II 0.0
Totals 0.0